Self Quarantine Sewing Projects | Coronavirus quarantine

Self Quarantine |  Sewing through the Storm of 2020

I can only describe what we are experiencing right now, globally, as a storm. With so many uncertainties, questions unanswered, and just unknowns. I know one thing for certain is that we all need to work together and get through this time being supportive and helpful.

Okay, so here are some sewing ideas and tips for you while quarantined. Also, see if your local sewing centers and shops offer curbside service so you can still shop for your favorite sewing notions and fabrics.

  1. Write down your sewing projects and make a list of the fabrics, notions, and patterns needed for that project.
  2. Make a list of the items you need to order and purchase.
  3. Share your ideas online with your sewing group social media friends and see if you can help others with their sewing questions.
  4. Join some online ‘lives’  such as Facebook, Instagram, and Webinars. This can help you from feeling isolated.
  5. Start your own sewing website or video channel.


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