40 Day Challenge: Day 6 Sewing for Self

Join Stephanie Grams, CEO of Sewing with STEAM, LLC as she shares 40 Days of Sewing Business Ideas, Sewing Projects, and Sewing Business Resources

Are you looking to start and grow your own home-based sewing business in 2022? If “sew”, then you’re in the right place!

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Sewing Ideas for Self  :

  • Heating pad
  • Credit   Card/ ID  Pocket   Holder https://www.applegreencottage.com/diy-card-holder-wallet-pattern/
  • Small   Coin   Purse  https://www.applegreencottage.com/mini-pouch-free-pattern/
  • Make-up   remover   pads
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Hand warmers
  • Sleep mask
  • Boot   socks
  • Fleece   Ear   Warmers
  • Slippers  https://www.awilson.co.uk/how-to-sew-slippers/
  • Macaron   Coin   Purse    https://www.handmadiya.com/2015/11/diy-macaron-coin-purse.html
  • Neckroll pillow
  • Personalization – upsell by offering additional services using heat transfer vinyl or embroidery
  • You can really stand out with your sewing services by offering unique fabrics or hand-painting designs onto the items.  Be sure do to a ‘Google’ or ‘Etsy’ search to see what is selling; remember, don’t copy others, just look for inspiration and to see how you can offer something similar but with a different twist.
  • Be sure to read the copyright and commercial usage policies for your sewing projects and patterns



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