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Sew a Memory Bear Online Class So, you want to sew a memory bear? The best way to get started sewing memory bears is to assess your sewing skills. Are you new to sewing? Have you sewn a stuffed toy? Do you know how to use a sewing machine? When you start sewing a memory […]
Join Stephanie Grams, CEO of Sewing with STEAM, LLC as she shares 40 Days of Sewing Business Ideas, Sewing Projects, and Sewing Business Resources Are you looking to start and grow your own home-based sewing business in 2022? If “sew”, then you’re in the right place! To see the video for today, visit my YouTube […]
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Sewing Business Tips: How to Promote Your Sewing Services Online   Starting a sewing business can be exciting and a little stressful if you’re new to the business side of things. After 12+ years of owning and operating a virtual assistant business that specialized in online business management. My clients often requested that I help […]
Hey! I’m sewing more fabric face masks!! Be the first to see and shop simply by signing up for my newsletter at My online store will make browsing and ordering “sew” much easier than having me post videos on Facebook. Please share! I am a 100% women-owned LLC in Ohio. I love seeing others in […]
Memory Bears: How to sell memory bears for money Yes, you can make money with your sewing skills and work from home while doing it. This blog post is dedicated to making money selling your sewing services in the field of home decor, keepsake, memory, and heirloom sewing. Memory Bears are stuffed teddy bears typically […]
Self Quarantine |  Sewing through the Storm of 2020 I can only describe what we are experiencing right now, globally, as a storm. With so many uncertainties, questions unanswered, and just unknowns. I know one thing for certain is that we all need to work together and get through this time being supportive and helpful. […]
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“If at any time you feel overwhelmed and would like to speak with me, please schedule a no-cost 15-minute phone consultation via this business coaching page Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make money from home offering your sewing services but you don’t want to do the regular things, like hemming pants or other seamstress […]
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