Memory Bear Business: Choosing and Registering Your Business Name

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Choosing & Registering Your Memory Bear Business Name

Standing Out from the Rest 

Establishing your business name is a little more complicated than making a list of your favorites. You’ll be using your business name on all your legal forms, client contracts, website, business cards, employer tax identification number, licenses, and permits. 

If you’re using a name other than your personal name, then you need to register it with your state government so they know you’re doing business with a name other than your birth name. 

Start strong! You will need to make sure the name you want is available in your state. Business names are registered on a state-by-state basis, so it’s possible that a company in another state has the same name as yours. You only need to be concerned if there’s a Trademark on the name, so do a trademark search of the name you want to desire so you can avoid costly issues down the road. 

Now, be sure to do a domain name search to make sure your choice of a business name is available for purchase. I use and recommend this service for domain name purchasing and website hosting. (Here is an affiliate link to the hosting company I use and have trusted for over 5 years!)

For a more depth look into naming your business, registering it online, and filing your legal structure, you can visit the Small Business Administration (SBA.GOV) and/or SCORE.ORG. 


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Licenses & Taxes

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