Sewing Business Hashtags

How often do you use hashtags on social media for your sewing business?   Perhaps the real question is, do you take time to research the right hashtags for your sewing business or do you just pick a few and slap them on your posts?

Here are a few quick tips for finding   hashtags  for your sewing business

  1. What hashtags are your direct competitors using?
  2. What hashtags are your customers using to find your products?
  3. What hashtags make sense for the post you’re about to post live?
  4. What hashtags are trending that make sense for your sewing business?
  5. What hashtags have you used in the past that are still relevant?

If you’re looking for some ideas for hashtags for your sewing business, see some of my favorite’s below!





#sewpreneur (That’s my website  🙂














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