Business Question of the Day: Does My Business Need Publicity?

I think I’ll start a series of “Business Question of the Day” just to give you an idea of what types of business problems my mobile and remote business marketing services can provide to growing businesses. Now, just for the record, you’ll most likely type in this question and receive a variety of answers and reasons as to why your business needs publicity. As many answers as you find, you’ll find that many ways of going about gaining the publicity you desire.

So, does your business need publicity?

Let’s first grab the definition of what business publicity is so we are all on the same page. According to Wikipedia “Publicity (from French publicité) is the public visibility or awareness for any product, service or company. It may also refer to the movement of information from its source to the general public, often but not always via the media. The subjects of publicity include people (for example, politicians or celebrities), goods and services, organizations, and works of art or entertainment. “

Now that we know what business publicity is, we can boldly say, “YES”, your business does need publicity. Now, let’s talk about the variety of publicity options available to your business. Oh, but first, let’s do some housekeeping and check your social media profiles.

  • Is your profile picture professional and updated?
  • Is your contact information correct and working properly?
  • Is your website clearly listed and linked?
  • Is your ‘wall’ professional and related to your business and/services?

Okay, now on to 10 Ways to gain business publicity! These are in no particular order and you’re free to choose what will work best for you and your business goal. Plus, one way may bring better results than another depending on your message, your goal, and your audience.

  1. Press Release
  2. Viral Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Editorial coverage
  5. Sponsorship
  6. Collaborate
  7. Outreach
  8. Podcast hosting
  9. Event coverage
  10. Newsjack a breaking news story




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