Sewpreneur: Do You Own Your Business Name?

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an attorney, lawyer, or any of the such. I’m not giving you legal advice. Please seek out your own legal team and ask for their expertise.

This website post is strictly to give you a few resources I’ve been using as I build my online businesses. Please do your own research, as I can not be held responsible for any outcomes.

When I was researching names for this website I searched EVERYWHERE! As of September 23, 2020 (that’s today’s date) I still could not find this particular name trademarked (not even a pending filing), nor registered with any State Business License Bureau’s.

As a Sewpreneur, did you search your business name before launching your company?

Here are a few links that I have found helpful. Please use caution when filing your business name.

Sewpreneur Business Resource List:


United States Patent and Trademark Offices

How to See if a Company Name Already Exists

How to Lookup Trademarked Names

Which Agency Enforces Trademark Violations

How to Apply for Trademark Registration

How to Reserve a Trademark 

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