About Press Release and Publicity Services

What’s a press release and why do you need one?

Press releases are external-facing communication tools, ideal for keeping the public and relevant media contacts up-to-date on what your brand is doing. Press releases can also garner earned media coverage, which can ultimately drive awareness for your brand.

Who am I?

My name is Stephanie, and I can help write your press release. I’m a native U.S. speaker with 12+ years of professional writing and publicity experience. I got my start as a virtual assistant for a well-known publicity expert and published author and speaker and have worked with instructors, published authors, television personalities, and eCommerce businesses in the B2C and B2B spaces, developing strategic communication strategies to secure earned media results.


  • Once you provide me with details on your brand’s announcement and share any key messages you’d like included, I’ll create a draft for your review.
  • I’m able to make any revisions you request once you’ve reviewed the initial draft.
  • Once complete, your press release is ready to be distributed and/or pitched to the media.

I’m happy to help you customize your order as needed. Please reach out with any additional questions you have.

I look forward to working with you!