What kind of clothing or material works best?

Anything from clothing to a favorite blanket can most likely be included in creating your unique memory bear. Saying that there are certain fabrics and materials that do not work such as extremely worn fabrics, knits, leather, or heavy weighted fabrics. If you’re unsure, please contact me with your questions.

Do you offer accessories?

I do offer fabric flowers that are made out of your leftover fabric, please visit here to see some of the options. If you have an idea of an accessory, please contact me.

What eyes and nose do you offer for Memory Bears?

You have a variety of choices such as no eyes or nose, hand embroidered, or safety eyes and nose. You can also choose a different memory bear face per bear. Please indicate what facial features you want on each bear ordered.

Do you offer personalization or patches?

Please contact me for an answer to this question.

How do I order and pay for the memory bear?

  1. Download the order form or fill it out online and email it us.
  2. You’ll receive an invoice with the option to pay 1/2 (which is due upon receipt) or pay in full.

Can I design my own memory bear?

I can help you every step of the way when it comes to designing your memory bear or you can just leave it up to me. This choice is yours and will need to be put in writing before your memory bear order is processed. You will need to give me confirmation on the design before the memory bear is constructed, this will be done through text messaging, email or direct messaging through social media.  This handled through pictures via text messaging, email, or direct messaging through social media (whichever you are most comfortable with choosing.)

Do you give credit, refunds or cancellations?

Due to the nature of the memory bear sewing services I do not offer refunds, or credits once the memory bear order has been started and confirmed by you either in text messaging, written documents, direct messaging, and/or social media messaging.  The cancellation of orders will not result in a refund or credit. 

How long will it take to my memory bear?

I ask that you give me up to 3 weeks to create your custom memory bear, and you do understand that this time frame may or may not take longer depending on the amount of time the customer takes to communicate with me. You, the customer, also understand that we can not be held responsible for acts of God, delivery, or other extenuating circumstances that are outside of our control.

Do you offer lay-a-way for large memory bear orders?

Orders of 5+ memory bears require 1/2 down and then remaining plus any shipping due before delivery.

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping is only offered for one memory bear, once per customer, once per address. Orders of more than one memory bear will require $25 shipping and handling charge, per address.

Can you ship memory bears to different addresses?

Shipping and handling will be $25.00 per address. If you have an order for multiple memory bears and are requesting that they are shipped to more than one address, you will be invoiced $25.00 per address, per memory bear.

Example: You want 2 memory bears shipped to your loved one, and you want a memory bear shipped to your address. I will invoice $50.00 for this request. If you have questions please contact me immediately and before placing your order.

Are the bears child/baby safe?

No, they are not. They are not toys.  These memory bears aren’t meant to be played with and do contain small parts that could be choking hazards. Sewing with STEAM, LLC memory bears are primarly created for holding, hugging, comforting, and sharing.  However, they are not a toy and you are ordering and/or receiving/gifting your memory bears with this knowledge.

Do I need to wash my garments?

Yes, it’s best to wash your garments according to the directions on your care label. However, I ask you do not use fabric softener as this creates a waxy buildup on our sewing machines.

Do you offer additional memory sewing services?

Please contact me about the additional memory sewing services that are available but are not listed on my website. Please join my newsletter to learn of upcoming events, sewing services, online business coaching, and other products.

Do you have pets in your sewing studio?

No, my sewing studio is pet free.

All customers are required to read and initial this information before orders are accepted. This is to ensure we both are fully understanding and communicating.