What is your full name and name of the business?

La Chell Gentle, Owner  Sew Meaningful LLC

What is your favorite item(s) to sew?

Quilts and Bracelets

At what age did you start sewing?

[I began sewing at]  39 years old and took a sewing class. I became serious about it this year. [2020]

Where do you sell your sewing?


What else would you like to share with our readers?

Every life is special. I sew bracelets that have words on them to provide daily reminders that they are special or something that they need to remember. My quilts and throw blankets provide a way to let someone know that they are special to you. I incorporate the words that someone would like to say to someone on quilts and throw blankets. So often we search for a perfect gift for someone and the gifts end up in the closet on a drawer to never be used. Why not give someone a usable gift that speaks to them personally?

Where can our readers connect with you online? 

Instagram :@sew.meaningful
Facebook :@sewmeaningul01
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/sewmeaningful


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