Sewpreneur: Promote Your Sewing Business

Sewpreneur: Promote Your Sewing Business


Here are a few suggestions on how you can promote your sewing business.

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It’s a great resource for all sewing business owners.


Publicity for Your Sewing Business

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  • Seek interviews on relevant blogs, podcasts, and magazines
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Start a VIP Facebook Group (for customers only)
  • Collaborate with other Blogs, and Websites
  • Send out press releases
  • Start a website
  • Start a newsletter on your website

Chief Sewpreneur

Sewpreneur is owned and operated by Stephanie Grams, Sewing with STEAM, LLC.  Grams' retired from her first business, Buckeye V.A. as an Online Business Manager that specialized in marketing, publicity, and digital communications for over 12 years, to pursue her passion in the art of sewing. Sewpreneur was born out of the desire to give successful sewing business owners the opportunity to share their sewing business with others.

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