What is your full name and name of the business?

Sandi Millichip-Massocchi from Family Comforts

What is your favorite item(s) to sew?

Memory Bears

At what age did you start sewing?

[I started sewing at] 7 years old.

Where do you sell your sewing?

FB Family Comforts:  www.family-comforts.co.uk
Instagram: @family_comforts
Etsy: Family Comforts

What else would you like to share with our readers?

I started my business 2 years ago after my Dad passed away. He was my inspiration. I’d been his carer for over 4 years. When he died I turned his collection of fabulous ties into a Memory Bear and that’s when my business started. I now make lots of other Memory animals, cushions, and quilts. I love to hear the stories behind the clothes that I turn into precious keepsakes.

Where can our readers connect with you online? 

Pinterest: Family Comforts
LinkedIn:  Sandi Millichip-Massocchi
Facebook: Family Comforts
Instagram: @family_comforts


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