Sewpreneur: Danielle Keeling of DK Designs

Danielle Keeling, DK Designs

I love to make custom things! I started with baby blankets and quilts and quickly went to dresses and costumes for children. Then I branched out to custom dresses and outfits for adults. I just love to create and I love a challenge.

I have been sewing since I was 5 years old being taught to sew by my grandmother and mother and I’ve been sewing ever since!

I sell my creations on Facebook by contacting me directly to place a custom order. Please see DanielleKeeling on Facebook and my group DK Designs to see things I have made that have already gone to happy homes and customer reviews.

Although I may not have lots of things like other shops I take extra care and great pride in everything I make and do. I sew because I love it. It makes me happy to sew for myself and others and I know custom things can be expensive. I wish that everyone can afford to have something special made just for them. As a keepsake or special memory that will last a lifetime.

Thank you so much!

DanielleDLC1 on Instagram

Danielle Keeling on Facebook

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